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Learn from Michael Alaniz, founder and marketing director of Client Converter. He has spent the last 10 years combining his direct sales background with a passion for internet marketing. And through all of the online and offline strategies I’ve tried and tested, ONE thing has remained the same:

Quality clients are NOT SOLD… they are converted.

So if you’re TIRED of playing the “numbers game” with your sales and marketing goals and want to START learning the timeless principles of profitable custom acquisition – then listen in to our podcast as we discuss the craft of client conversion and transform YOU into a Client Converter.

Hosted by Michael Alaniz

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Client Converters Focus on the Following 3 Pillars:





Marketing platforms come and go and will always evolve. This is why successful marketing should be built on timeless principles that can be applied across any niche or platform.


The principles we focus on:

Audience + offer + message must be congruent

Target smaller market subsets instead of trying to capture a percentage of a large market

Implementation is more important than perfection

Leverage current success before chasing new opportunities

The only opinion that matters is your target market

Know what your target markets needs, wants and fears

True education is IMPLEMENTATION

Without implementation, all you’re learning is entertainment and distraction.


Your business should not compete.

You must find a position that allows your target market to quickly understand what you do – and that it’s specific for them.



Identify what you are trying to accomplish and what you have to work with. Put together a short-term plan to accomplish within 15 to 30 days.


Implement your plan.


Review your results and identify how you can improve. Then repeat the process of identify, test, refine.

Here Are Our Fast-Action Steps For Getting Things Moving Toward The Finish Line

1. Personal Inventory

Understand where you’re at. What’s working, what’s not working and what assets do you have to work with.

2. Market Inventory

Understand your current customer base. Who must you NOT work with anymore? Who must you START working with?

3. Define Objectives

You must define your objectives in a concise manner.

4. Review Your Objectives & Inventory

Based on what you see – identify the priorities that MUST be done in the next 15 days.

5. Hit That Goal!

Implement your plan according to your priorities.

6. Re-Review 

Review your objectives and identify what must be done in the next 30 days.

7. Repeat & Evaluate

Repeat and continue to evaluate your progress. See how you can optimize and improve.

8. Take Responsibility

Take FULL responsibility for accomplishing your goals. Do not delegate responsibility.

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